MBE Course Evaluation

Evaluation Method

Following evaluation methods currently in practice will be applied to the Master in BE programme.

1)     Academic performance of students will be evaluated on the basis of the individual course of all the courses registered for the programme. The final grade (CGPA) will be determined by aggregating the course-wise grades.

2)     Performance of a student will be assessed by: (i) Continuous in-semester assessment carried out by the concerned faculty, and (ii) End-semester examinations carried out by the Dean’s office.

3)     In any semester a student will have to register for the courses offered by the School in that semester as per the approved curriculum of the concerned programme.

4)     The course-wise weights for the continuous in-semester assessment and end-semester evaluation will be determined by the course faculty on approval of the Dean.

5)     In each course students’ performance will be evaluated on a four-point grading scale as given below:

Grading Mode

In each course, student will be evaluated on a 4-point scale as follows:










Grade Point









The grades indicate the quality of a student's performance as follows:

A    = Outstanding

A - = Excellent

B+ = Very Good

B   = Good

B- = Fair

C+= Fair

C = Fair

F = Failure


Apart from the letter grades mentioned above, the following letter grades can also be awarded

W = Withdrawn

IN = Incomplete

NC = Non-Credit Course

'W' indicates that a student has officially withdrawn from a course without grade or penalty. During the regular semester, a student seeking to withdraw from a course must do so before the final examination with the permission of the concerned faculty member. 'W' may not be processed after the final examination. 'NC' indicates that a student has officially attended a course till the end and completed it successfully but for which no credit will be given. A student can take a non-credit course only in addition to the credit hours required for the fulfillment of an MS-BE degree. 'IN' indicates that a student has not completed all the assignments required in the particular course.


The students must successfully complete the foundation courses before enrolling core and integrated courses

Failures, Probation Incomplete and Dismissal

1)     A student must maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.5 or above at the end of each semester, failing which he/she will be placed on academic probation and is required to improve his/her CGPA in the following semester. If he/she fails to improve his CGPA by the end of the following semester, he/she will be subject to dismissal from the MBE programme.

2)     No student can graduate with 'F' in any particular course. If a student gets 'F' in any course, he is required to repeat at the course whenever offered by the school.

3)     If a student gets more than two Fs in any semester, he/she will be subject to dismissal from the programme. The student will have to repeat the semester in which s/he has failed with the approval of the Dean if the candidate wants to resume his/ her study.

4)     Course faculty might award temporary IN (incomplete) grades to a student for incomplete work. The case concerning IN grade must be settled by the student in consultation with the concerned faculty within four weeks from the date of announcement of the grade in the course, failing which the concerned office will automatically convert the IN grade to F grade.

5)     A student who has abstained from or not completed the final examination without prior approval or has been expelled from the examination hall by the university authority will be considered to have failed the examination.

6)     Students whose attendance falls below 80% in any taught course will not be allowed to sit for the end semester examination and shall repeat the course whenever next it is offered.

Graduation Requirements

1)     A student must clear all the courses and pass the level within Four years from the date of her/his admission to the programme, failing which all her/his grades and cumulative grades will get cancelled automatically.

2)     In order to pass Master in BE a student must secure minimum CGPA 3.0 on a scale of 4 with completion of 24 courses and a thesis, and in total it amounts to 66 credits.

3)     Upon completion of all requirements, a student will be conferred with a degree, “Master in Business and Economics.”

4)     All the required papers stated in the admission form must be submitted at the time of admission. Any other papers that KUSOM requires need to be submitted within the stipulated time given. If there is a genuine case where a student cannot produce the required papers on time, then s/he must submit a written application stating the date of submission and case to the Dean. If the required documents are not provided by the specified time, the results will not be provided.

Academic Recognition:

High scholastic achievement is recognized by awarding graduation on the basis of CGPA as follows:

Summa cum laude = 3.9 and above

Magna cum laude = 3.7 and above

Cum laude          = 3.5 and above

Students who achieve CGPA of 3.7 or above during a semester are recognized in the Dean’s List and the students who earn CGPA of 4.0 during a semester are recognized in the Vice-chancellor’s List.